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There are a bunch of places where you can bet on football games online. As for team sport number one, soccer (as Americans call it) attracts a lot of gamblers’ money. One can become a millionaire or go bankrupt. Let’s see a brief review of the world of practical bets.

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How to pick safe and proven football betting sites?

We collected some basic recommendations for you.

1. Don’t pick your best football sites in haste!

Every gambling activity needs cold-blooded, meticulous planning. Of course, the virtual Eldorado is appealing to every potential gold digger. Still, you need to study the market and every portal you want to invest in. Of course, the first rule is the reputation check. Never trust the football bet places that are fresh new and haven’t any experience of massive jackpot payments. 

Also, always mind the location. The best online football betting sites always offer you roughly the same conditions. But the terms of withdrawals differ drastically. Some portals are just banned in selected regions. Clear all the ToS before the first bet. It is the way of the safest gambling.

2. Create an account and bet on football or other sports

So, you’ve made a choice. The good betting site is on the screen. And now, you are in need to log in. The first step is to create a new account. It must be accessible. The usual process is:

· pick up the proper and free nickname;

· create a password (sometimes it is generated by a system);

· enter your real e-mail;

· validate the new account;

· enjoy the best football betting site!

After the account creation, you should make the first deposit. That’s why the previous selection was necessary. All the best football bets start with picking up the deposit and withdrawal way. Happily, every prosperous casino and gambling site has a ton of options. You may make your deals via bank cards, electronic wallets, or sometimes even in cryptocurrencies. There also are some types of specific vouchers and coupons that are promotions for new players.

3. How to select and make bets on football

After you’ve made all the proper selections, and decided, what payment way to choose: it is time to place football bets online. If you have done meticulous research, and the move will be fine. Still, you need to practice betting skills and scrupulous plans for the unexpected champions. We will provide the list of base tips below.

4. Enjoy your big score from online football bets!

It is the pinnacle of expectations and the main reason to make daily gambling activity. The jackpot of the season is the only one for every league or cup per season. But the greatest treasure is surrounded by smaller bonuses. A skilled gambler can collect money every gaming week. The best betting sites for football competitions allow everyone to pick the road to success!

What are the popular football competitions to bet on?

In Europe, almost every country has an enormous bunch of football fans. Even Scandinavian and Alpine countries that are traditionally strong in winter sports are now exciting about soccer. 

Premier League

Of course, we are talking about England. The islanders are proud to be the founding fathers of modern football. The EPL has undergone significant changes over the decades. The main continental stereotype was about a total “cross-and-shoot-strategy”, but Arsene Wenger busted that myth. Later, Mourinho, Guardiola, and Klopp proved that the lead English league is today the most prominent and intensive football competition.

The UK football betting tips are among the most popular and intensive topics on the soccer forums. The local transfers are rewriting record history almost every summer. All the tactical innovations are also implemented first in the English Premier League. After the purchase of Newcastle United by Saudis, the EPL became even more competitive.

La Liga

The duopoly of two Spanish grands is pretty disrupted today. Real Madrid makes a generation swap. Barcelona is struggling the massive financial problems that even can put the legendary club right to Segunda. The third big team today is Athletico Madrid. Diego Simeone made the toughest club in Europe. But today it has the same problems as Real. Still, there is Sevilla – almost invincible in the Europe league.

La Liga in gambling is significantly lesser than the local UK football betting. The two legends, Messi and Ronaldo, are getting older. They left their clubs, and the interest in the competition fell too. There is no comparing titans. Still, the Spaniards are skilled players, and the attacking Iberian style is joyful to watch.


Bayern Munich periodically seems to be an eternal champion. But the passion of German fans makes a different view. The latest football betting witnesses that every match in the middle of the table can be competitive. Bundesliga’s strict financial rules don’t allow sheiks and oligarchs purchase great clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Schalke, or Werder Bremen. It makes the league weaker financially. Though, the clubs are way more stable than English or Spanish clubs. The destiny of Portsmouth or Malaga is impossible in this league.

But the main treasure of Bundesliga is the coaches and players. The German tactical school is a standard of modern soccer, and the quality of homegrown players is undisputed. So, all the football betting games should be oriented on local talents too.

Serie A

The Calciopoli was a heavy impact on all the Italian leagues. But then, the pandemic crisis began. The motherland of modern tactical football is struggling now. The arenas are old the clubs are in financial despair. Even Juventus seems not that invincible. 

Still, there is a place for good football bets. Italy is a home of fierce derbies. Juventus versus Napoli, the Milanese feud between Inter and AC Milan – are among the hits of every sports weekend.

Champions League and Europa League

The two major international cups are the favourite aim for top football bets in every country. Despite the failed attempt of creating the Superleague, the CL is the same elite club but with the miracle moments. Remember the milestone win of Porto in 2004? That was the tactical triumph over moneybags. So, the best football betting for clubs is still about the Champions League.

Europa League is the straight successor of the UEFA Cup. The prizes and jackpots here are significantly lesser. But teams are fighting fiercely for the right to make a step into the international cup. Every European competition means the club prestige, the UEFA money, and the promotion of local talented players via loud transfers.

International tournaments

Every two years, we have either the Euro or the World Cup. It is a pinnacle for national teams. The third major event for national teams’ football match betting is Copa America, but the CONMEBOL has only ten countries. Unfortunately, though, almost all national teams from Latin America are too potent. Also, this region is traditionally rich in young talents. That’s why professional gamblers are always scouting the tournament.

The main bets during these competitions are the same as for the regular club championships. The top scorer (or the Golden boot), the precise results, the winners, the differences between goals, etc.

The Pro Tips & Strategies about the best bookies for football

The best football bet comes with the different bookmakers

There is no such thing as the “universal” betting and gambling portal. Every company searches for its profit. Besides, a lot of local bookies have exclusive contracts with the local leagues. Thus, you can’t build a guaranteed winning line without compromises. The experienced punter always places some different bets for all the unexpected cases.

Discover the other markets for a football bet online

The reason is the same. Your wagers can be perfect. Still, nobody can predict every peak and loss of the season. At least, bookies are humans too. The absolute clairvoyant was never born. And there is no 100% guarantee that one portal can give you ultimate success. Hence, the wise bettors combine sites and study all the markets permanently. It is the only way to a big score. With the victories on the different portals, your confidence will grow exponentially, too.

For decent betting on football – watch as many matches as can

Seems too obvious? But it is the ultimate truth: you will never be a successful punter without league knowledge. Football rules are pretty simple by the book. Though, there is the spirit of the game and the human factor. The referee’s mistakes, sudden traumas, and non-fair play – are part of the majority of the matches. And the punter has to study all the fine details of every league for bets. It is an enormous massive of information. Of course, one can’t calculate all the chances. But the biggest news must be hot every gaming week.

Evaluate your football bets accurately

It is the art of betting in a nutshell. Overvalue and undervalue the selected match is equally dangerous for the long prospering of the punter’s career. That’s why you need to study every new bookmaker for heavy investments. The coefficients can be very different, be careful with all the calculations!

Lesser bets football gambling

It is not a casino with fully calculated odds. Never go the all-in, even if you have a piece of expert knowledge in the particular league. Think small! A net of little bets has bigger chances. It is a simple arithmetic rule. Singles and doubles are the keys to victory. Don’t you believe the fancy advertisements about the great score after heavy payments? A bookie wants to sell the service. The punter wants a pure profit.

The biggest mistake on a football bet website

When the punter doesn’t check the bankroll – it is the biggest fail for the gambler. If the strategy starts going wrong – drop it. Don’t feed the false betting line with even more money. The success chance is lesser and lesser, while your funds are going to nill.

The top football betting tips and places

The Final Result

Among the best football bets, this one is the basic. Just guess the final result of a particular game. In soccer, you can choose Home, Draw, or Away. Every gambling portal has this mandatory option.

The Double Chance

It is the idem guess, but you can take two or three results. For punters, the Double Chance has a significantly lesser coefficient. But one can obtain the result even more accurately than for the usual Final Result option.

The Accurate Score

Have a feel to be a soccer expert? Then place a football bet on an Accurate score. Of course, it is an unpredictable move. Still, the reward is generous too. This betting strategy requires a ton of luck and is one of the most joyful punter activities.

The time result prediction

Online football betting in the UK always has this option. The match can be upset after half-time. Also, the experienced punter can easily predict the team condition after the beginning of the game. Sometimes, there are great surprises in these categories, with enormous rewards.

The First Goalscorer

Personal competition. Every top league has a bunch of star snipers that are the renowned persons in their teams. Footballers become goal machines, the modern game is more attacking, and this bet hides an enormous profit.

Win to Nil

An “Italian” type of betting. Because Italy is the cradle of football tactics and defensive styles, today the top leagues have a deficit of qualified center-backs, but many star goalkeepers and defensive midfielders arrived. So, the tactically balanced team concedes less.

Over/Under Goals Markets

It is an additional coefficient on the best football websites. It placed in the range between 0.5 and 4.5. The “over and under” is calculated relative to a current stated amount of goals. The varieties of odds are too large, even in two different leagues.

Specials Markets

The best football betting sites always offer more. The “specialty” means transfer bets according to the hottest rumours, fantasy football leagues, etc.

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